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Corporate Relations Officer

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Operations & HR

Type of Job

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11 April 2021 at 06:00:00

About the job

Want to develop relationships with recruiters and play a crucial role in the growth of the society? If so, the Corporate Relations Officer is the role for you.

If you get the role you will be:
- Responsible for identifying suitable sponsors and partners across all relevant industries.
- Responsible for creating a sponsorship deck, completing sponsorship and partnership contracts and - reaching out to potential partners and sponsors throughout the year to expand the society’s network.
- Responsible for communicating on behalf of the society with companies to organise joint events or any other activity.
- Responsible for ensuring the relationships made are maintained for future years.

About us

The Business & Entrepreneurship Society is the second biggest society at the University of Nottingham. With specialised divisions in technology, entrepreneurship and finance & consulting, the society is a hub for future leaders and different thinkers.

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