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Cover Letters

Structuring a Cover Letter

  • If your job advert does not say whom to address the letter to, you should try and find out through LinkedIn among other resources. If you cannot find the name of your recruiter use "Dear Sir or Madam" 

  • If you know whom you're writing the cover letter to, use "Dear" followed by their title and surname

  • Your first paragraph should aim to introduce yourself and which position you are applying to

Main Body
  • Your second paragraph should exhibit your excitement for both the company and the role. Do your research: add in data and facts to exhibit your passion for the company. Alternatively, discuss CSR initiatives the company is currently doing such as Deutsche Bank's Sustainability Council.

  • Use your third paragraph to sell yourself; try to explain why you are the best candidate for the job. Be imaginative - to include traits that are unique but the company is looking for!

  • Try to include personal experience in your paragraphs. Like in your CV, try to use empirical evidence to ensure your personal experience has measurable achievements 

  • End your person with "Yours faithfully" if you used "Dear Sir or Madam"

  • If your cover letter is addressed specifically to a recruiter, use "Yours sincerely"

Target Jobs: Covering Letter Example

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